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Accommodations at El Halcon Lodge are similar to hotel type rooms, consisting of 2 full size beds per room, with a private bathroom. the lodge has a huge dining area where you will be served authentic mexican meals. adjacent to the dining room is a fully stocked bar, complete with a bartender to prepare for you the drink of your choice or better yet, just ask for a margarita.

Clean towels, sheets and blankets are provided by El Halcon however we suggest packing your own personal items.




Whether you are a skilled hunter or beginner, EL HALCON will give you a lifetime experience and an adventure you will not soon forget. Non-Hunters are more than welcomed.Oustanding world class hunting combined with the best Mexican hospitality CALL NOW 1-888-603-4322

For your hunting trip of a lifetime

El Halcon Lodge & Outfitters 12945-A Montana Ave Suite 369
El Paso TX 79938 Call now (1888) 603-4322 or 575-541-3079